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Oud Stars Fars Womens Parfum Spray by Xerjoff

Oud Stars Fars Womens Parfum Spray by Xerjoff

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Oud Stars Fars by Xerjoff womens Parfum Spray 1.7 oz is a mesmerizing fragrance that embodies opulence and sophistication. This luxurious scent is centered around the rare and prized ingredient oud, known for its rich, woody, and resinous aroma. Opening with a burst of citrus freshness, it gradually unfolds to reveal layers of warm spices, precious woods, and sensuous florals. The oud note adds depth and intensity, creating an aura of luxury and allure. Perfect for those who appreciate exquisite craftsmanship and desire a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression, Oud Stars Fars is a true masterpiece. Experience the allure of the East with every spritz of this enchanting perfume. 1.7oz


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